The Rabbit’s Tree

Mr. Rabbit's Tree

Another little sketch done in sepia ink


Rain on its Way

A landscape done one afternoon in late September as watercolour practise. This is the view outside my house beyond all of the other houses. I tried to work on getting earthen tones without getting it too muddy, but I still managed to overwork it too much. Oh well!

Olivia’s Story p.4

Olivia's Story p.4

Page 4, final page

Olivia and her elephant come to a railroad. Looking at her map she sees that the train is going the direction she’s heading. A train comes down the track and Olivia makes the decision to leave her elephant friend and take the train, as the storm continues to rage. She leaps onto the train and looks back at her elephant friend in goodbye.

Later in the story the elephant rejoins her as she gets to her destination, so its not altogether heartbreaking… Hope you liked the four pages I did as an assignment.

Olivia’s Story p.2

Olivia's Story page 2

Page 2

Olivia trudges through the snow, coming across a large uprooted tree blocking her path. She looks over to the road beside her and thinks of how nice it would be to have a car to make her journey faster and warmer. Olivia opens her bag of tools and pulls out an illustration of an elephant that the previous owner (the puppetmaster who made her) drew. To be continued.

Olivia’s Story p.1

Olivia's Story page 2

Page 1

Based on my character design for Olivia (see it here), I wrote a little story. I wont tell the whole thing because its long and poorly written, but here’s a little scene. She goes travelling in the snow and its a long story. Anyways, in this scene of my story she has been found frozen out in the snow by an old woman and her daughter who thought she was a beautiful statue. So she thaws and wakes up in the womens’ cabin and on her way out she carves a little doll version of herself as thanks and grabs one of their blankets to keep her warmer as she goes on her journey.

Page 2 coming soon.