A very quick sketch about the Libyan protests and the massacre that’s going on there right now. The Libyan public are taking to twitter and other social networking sites to share the horrors of Gadhafi’s oppression, sharing stories and pictures that are gruesome and eye opening. This illustration is simply me taking out my frustration with my own generation, those who take freedom and peace for granted and stay ignorant of the outside wold. This silences those who need a voice.

A government has turned on its people. Hundreds, perhaps thousands are dead and more are injured. I understand that its almost impossible to relate to that, but thats why we should care, because there are people who can relate to that. The oppression has lasted this long thanks partially due to North America and Europe buying Libyan oil and in turn ignoring the suffering of the Libyan people. Its time that we take the blinders off and start caring about our actions’ repercussions.

Yes, it relates to my Egypt illustration (here)

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