Kate Rusby

serena malyon

So I thought I’d design an album cover. I love Kate Rusby’s work, so this is my little tribute to her.

It occurs to me that perhaps I should write more in each post to make them a bit more search-engine-friendly, but then, I know nothing about google rankings. But I’ll just tell you a bit about what I’m working on right now. Currently I’m working in retail full time so I can save up some cash for the school year. I haven’t had much chance to draw lately, but I’ve been trying to develop my style into something I like. For this painting I tried to channel William Morris a little bit with the leaves. I’m still working out how to use coloured pencils and watercolour together, and I’m finding the pencils a bit frustrating to work with. After being inspired by Gennady Spirin’s work, I’ve been experimenting with different media, trying to find something that works for me. Most of what will be posted on this blog this summer will be experimental work.

Puss in Boots and the Ogre

Serena Malyon

So I’m going to try and illustrate a different fairy tale each week. Today’s was Puss in Boots, and this is the part where the ogre who lives in the castle transforms himself into a lion. Puss then outsmarts the ogre by telling him to transform into a mouse, which he pounces upon and eats. I’m sure you all know the story.

Just a quick project, 5 hours, sketchbook. Still working on this style of illustration. I dont think it worked too well on this picture, but I’ll keep at it.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been busy and have had a lot of computer issues but I’m trying to get back to work drawing. So lets see how this goes.