The Recital

serena malyon

Here’s a painting I’ve been working on for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. They just wanted some illustrations to brighten up the place and I thought I’d see what I could do. It’s a little girl putting on a ballet recital for her stuffed animals, something that I think most little girls can relate to.

This painting went though a very long”ugly phase”, but was saved by the awesome advice of Nathan Swayze (this guy). So thanks to Nathan for his advice and pep talks! Going into this painting I had some issues with colour and composition, but I think most of them worked out. I’m not used to a saturated colour palette, so this was a pretty big challenge for me, making it all work together. But overall I think it worked out okay and I’m pretty happy with the results!

The finished size is (including bleed) 14.5″x18.5″

Watercolour portrait

serena malyon

A self portrait that doesn’t actually look like me. Oh well, it was quick, I did it while waiting for paint to dry on another project. I do like this paper though. Its not actually watercolour paper, but grey bfk rives paper. I think its mainly used for printmaking. I love how the watercolour gets really soft edges and you can blend things without worrying about it looking blocky. Unfortunately you cant work into the paper too much, it pills up. But for quick portraits it’s really nice.

The only colours I used were prussian blue, quinacridone gold and cad red med. This is one of my only portraits I’ve done in watercolour without drawing the face in pencil first. Its a bit of a change, I found myself having to go back and correct a lot of things as I worked, but it was pretty cool how spontaneous the painting felt. I might do some more with different colour schemes as I keep working on my big project. This one only took about half an hour and kind of refreshed my mind.





Another page from a sketchbook, this time depicting Patricia Quinn as Magenta in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Just a quick little doodle when I was trying to figure out whether or not I liked using pen and ink + watercolour. This is actually from a few months ago, but I just rediscovered it, so here you go! I really should scan all of those sketches I have laying around…



Plundering of Airlie

serena malyon

This one is based on the folk song “Bonnie House of Airlie” (I only know the Kate Rusby version). This was done this afternoon in about 2 hours. It started out as a sketch and just kind of evolved into something a bit fantastical. Can you tell I’m in love with this colour palette?

Isn’t it funny how you can slave over a piece for days and it turns out terribly… then you doodle for a couple of hours and come out with something you adore?

Natin Swazee

serena malyon

So I know that I haven’t been posting as much as I could be this past month. I do have a few things I could share with the world, but not many of my projects have worked out well. I’ll post a few little sketches in the next few days, but I don’t have anything great to post. I’ve been busy! Very busy.

Anyhow, about this portrait is of my classmate and friend Nathan Swayze. We went sketching last month and this is pretty much the only thing that came out of it (other than a picture of a cowboy hat with arms and a moustache). His work is seriously awesome. He has a blog which he hasn’t updated in MONTHS, but as soon as he gets it together I’ll post it on here.