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serena malyon

A school project based on this article. It’s a very interesting article about women atheists and how they aren’t really portrayed in the media. The article suggests that this is because the media avoids showing women as strong, aggressive figures. Check out the website for some awesome articles concerning feminism, gender equality, politics, atheism and the our society.

School is getting a bit hectic at the moment, everything is piling up a bit. But more regular posts will hopefully come soon. Its just a matter of scanning everything!




serena malyon

I was working on a project the other night and went on a little Bat for Lashes kick. I don’t listen to her music all the time, but when I do I get pretty into it. Her songs connect to a really deep, emotional level and I always get inspired. I doodled this while waiting for some paint to dry, while listening to the song Prescilla. Awesome song.

Arthur Pendragon

Serena malyon illustration art king arthur armour filigree dragon sword fairy tale

This illustration was done for class. We have to depict a protagonist to a story, so I chose to draw King Arthur because who doesn’t love the Knights of the Round Table? It was a really interesting project for me. I wanted to challenge myself because I usually draw characters in boring poses. They’re always sitting down or walking somewhere, but that’s not very exciting. I wanted to work on adding movement and power into my work, which is easier said than done.


serena malyon

One of the projects that I’m working on for school is just based around concept art. Based on my own story, I’m exploring some ideas for character and environment. Most of my roughs are at school hanging up in my cubicle (yes, I have a cubicle this year), but I’ll be posting them as soon as I get them scanned. Anyways, this is Emma, a 20-something who gets trapped in a town full of crazy people who want to revert back to the “olden days”. However, the townspeople can’t decide when the ideal era would be, so they kind of pool together everything they know about England’s past and jumble it together to create a town. As a result, the architecture and clothing is a mix of many English eras between 1400-1850.  I’m having lots of fun mixing everything together and creating a whole little world for my story to take place in. This drawing was just something that started on my way to school today and ended up being the best thing I produced all day.

Haha, ignore the weird perspective issues going on here. This was just a concept sketch.

Four amazing art blogs

For the past few months I’ve been seeking out excellent art blogs to follow. I thought I’d share a few of the best ones I’ve come across and tell you why they’re so awesome. I love, love, love these blogs to death and check them constantly. They keep me inspired and improving, and I hope you find them just as awesome as I do. If you know of other excellent art blogs, send me a link.

Lines and Colors: This was the first art blog I followed, and it’s definitely my favourite. I have found so many new and interesting artists through this blog. Almost every day there is a new entry about a different artist, complete with a series of their works. I love the variety that is featured here, there’s something for everyone.

Virtual Gouache Land: Although I don’t usually use gouache, this blog is fascinating to me. The artist is very talented and demonstrates a lot of variety in the application of gouache. His work with lighting and his colour palettes are fantastic. Check it out.

Gurney Journey: If you’re interested in illustration or realism, check out this blog. David Gurney (they man who created Dinotopia) is an amazing teacher when it comes to painting techniques and tips. He shares a lot of his own work in various stages of completion (which I always find interesting), but he also teaches a great deal about how to make an excellent painting. I recently got his book “Color and Light” which is probably the best book on painting I’ve ever come across. It’s extremely helpful and inspiring. This guy knows his stuff, go learn from him.

Stapleton Kearns: Again, this blog is extremely useful and inspiring. Stapleton shares a lot of his own landscape painting while also featuring a lot of different landscape artists. He gives a lot of tips that are insightful and unexpected about landscape painting, and about the industry in general. He’s also very funny, which makes learning about landscape painting that much more enjoyable.

King Arthur Sketch

Well, I’m back at school and things are already getting busy. I’m in my final year at the Alberta College of Art and Design and almost all of my courses are illustration based. I have one class that’s mainly focused on concept art and one class that is devoted to figure illustration. This sketch is for the latter. Our first project is simple, we have to create character portraits of a protagonist and an antagonist. I chose the legend of King Arthur and how he is killed by his illegitimate son Mordred.

I’m trying to get outside my comfort zone and use some dynamic poses and compositions, ones that work well for the characters. This sketch was originally just going to be a pose study, but I got carried away and designed him some armour as well. Hopefully I’ll have some better studies and sketches to share later in the week when I get some more time to work on it.


serena malyon

I did this a while ago for my boyfriend who really loves the movie “Phantom of the Paradise”. It’s a great film and I loved working on this piece. The bird represents the protagonist, Winslow Leech, who becomes the victim of a company called Death Records.  He becomes deformed and has to wear a helmet (referenced in the bird’s head), and wreaks havoc upon Death Records’ top producer: Swan. Anyhow, birds are referenced throughout the whole film, from the names of the characters to the costumes. In fact, the pose of the bird in this drawing references the logo of Death Records, a dead bird.