Spider-Man, Spider-Man

spiderman illustration

Not the usual, obviously! For this assignment we were given a pop culture character to illustrate for a “field guide” at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo next year. Luckily, I got the only superhero I know anything about. If playing Spiderman 2 for several years has taught me anything, its that Spider-Man loves prancing about.

The Sailor’s Wife

serena malyon illustration art shipwreck seascape

This illustration was done as a metaphorical character study. My character is a sailor’s wife and it shows her loneliness, anguish and anxiety. This style is a bit different than my usual linework, I really like how expressive the brush pen is.

The character herself was inspired by the music of Kate Rusby, specifically the song “Fare Thee Well”. Her music allowed me to get inside the head of a woman in this position, and help me to cultivate the atmosphere of the piece.


serena malyon art

A portion of a landscape I did today. The rest just looks unfinished and the composition was weird, so I won’t upload it. It’s for the book cover to a concept art project I’m working on. We have to compile all of our sketches into a book, so this is the cover for mine. More on this on monday, after I hand in the project itself. Lucky you! You get to see it bigger than life size! Forgive the sloppy line work.