I’ve been putting off scanning this for a few days because it’s so big, but I finally got around to it last night. This is a painting for an upcoming art show called “Vesuvius”. I give you “Frieze”!

serena malyon illustration calgary vesuvius charcoal ink spectrum 21

This painting was a little tricky because I challenged myself not to change anything digitally, so I could sell the original artwork. Making it polished was quite time consuming, especially as black ink tends to get very shiny when its over-saturated. The large areas of black had to be redone in charcoal, a media which helped give the figures a ghostly effect. I also used little accents of metallic watercolour, so certain parts of the painting glow in the sunlight. It’s pretty cool, as long as you try not to make it too gimmicky. I used it pretty lightly, just enough to give the painting some life. Overall, a great learning experience, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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