Holiday Cocktails with Swerve

serena malyon illustration swerve holiday cocktails cover calgary

Last week I was contacted by Swerve magazine’s AD to illustrate an article about holiday cocktails. I got on it right away, doing little sketches of champagne glasses and researching what exactly “bitters” are. They wanted me to use the type of realistic linework I used in Soup, but give it a 60s, mad-men-esque feel to it. It was an interesting challenge for me to combine my style with that type of 60s feel without getting cliche or tacky. The following image is the opener. The two-page spread explains all of the essentials you need to make the cocktails of your dreams.

swerve_blog3The following spot illustrations are about finding cheap bubbly, explaining the complexities of bitters, and finding the perfect holiday draft.

swerve_blog8   swerve_blog7 swerve_blog6

These spots illustrate different tasty recipes. The first one is a drink called Ginger Creek, the second is a Chartreuse Hot Chocolate, the third is a Crabapple Rum Manhattan. I’ll admit, I’m curious to try the Chartreuse Hot Chocolate because I’ve had chartreuse before and it was a very… interesting experience. Thanks Danielle.


These next image is for an article about non-alcoholic cocktails for your designated driver friends. This one just had to look as tasty as possible to make being the sober one at the party a great thing. The image after that takes a bit more explaination. The piece it illustrates is about handy tips you can use during parties. Apparently you can use your top-loading washer as a cooler. Who knew?

And finally, a simple explanation of different types of glasses that every bartender should have on hand. swerve_blog1


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