Zoe’s Zoo pt.2

serena malyon illustration art calgary alberta childrens book watercolour

Here’s another illustration featuring Zoe. I did these illustrations for my next promotional postcard. This is going to be the back of the card, so I had to design it around Canada Post postcard regulations. It was a fun project, and I think I’ll use this 2-illustration approach in most of my future promotional postcards.

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Zoe’s Zoo

Its about time I did another kids illustration. My last big illustration was packed with little fussy details, so it was lots of fun to simplify things again. I’ve been itching to do a portrait recently, but I wanted it to tell a story.

serena malyon illustration art children's book watercolour bugs girl calgary

I decided to create a character, Zoe, who has a keen interest in bugs. Growing up hating bugs, I’ve always hoped to get over my fear and enjoy nature to the fullest. Sadly, this is still in progress. However, I will live vicariously through my paintings of Zoe. She’s not creeped out by bugs; in fact, she’s a suburban entomologist. She collects and studies bugs around her neighbourhood and finds them absolutely fascinating. She doesn’t even care that she’s got a beetle in her hair. More to come of this little lady soon!

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The Plundering of Airlie — The Wrath of Argyll

I became a fan of Kate Rusby’s music several years ago, and one of my favourite songs of hers is a rendition of the English folk song “The Bonnie House of Airlie”. It tells a story of a dispute between the Scottish Lord Argyll and the House of Airlie. Argyll raises an army and storms Airlie, capturing the Lady Margaret. Lady Margaret is overwhelmed with grief and fear but Argyll forces her to climb to the top of the town to watch the castle be plundered. Its a very sorrowful story, and I felt compelled to illustrate it.

serena malyon illustration art calgary alberta kate rusby bonnie house of airlie medieval watercolour

Sorry for the silence over the holiday season, I was busy, busy, busy!

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