The Plundering of Airlie — The Wrath of Argyll

I became a fan of Kate Rusby’s music several years ago, and one of my favourite songs of hers is a rendition of the English folk song “The Bonnie House of Airlie”. It tells a story of a dispute between the Scottish Lord Argyll and the House of Airlie. Argyll raises an army and storms Airlie, capturing the Lady Margaret. Lady Margaret is overwhelmed with grief and fear but Argyll forces her to climb to the top of the town to watch the castle be plundered. Its a very sorrowful story, and I felt compelled to illustrate it.

serena malyon illustration art calgary alberta kate rusby bonnie house of airlie medieval watercolour

Sorry for the silence over the holiday season, I was busy, busy, busy!

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015


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