Zoe’s Zoo

Its about time I did another kids illustration. My last big illustration was packed with little fussy details, so it was lots of fun to simplify things again. I’ve been itching to do a portrait recently, but I wanted it to tell a story.

serena malyon illustration art children's book watercolour bugs girl calgary

I decided to create a character, Zoe, who has a keen interest in bugs. Growing up hating bugs, I’ve always hoped to get over my fear and enjoy nature to the fullest. Sadly, this is still in progress. However, I will live vicariously through my paintings of Zoe. She’s not creeped out by bugs; in fact, she’s a suburban entomologist. She collects and studies bugs around her neighbourhood and finds them absolutely fascinating. She doesn’t even care that she’s got a beetle in her hair. More to come of this little lady soon!

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015


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