“Welcome to Camp Wait-List”

Here’s a little illustration I did for a Swerve article on camp registration and how stressful it can be for parents. They wanted something light and quirky, and I hope this piece accomplished that.

This little illustration was a bit of a challenge for me at times. Finding a balance between the left and right side of the image was tough. For a long time the left side was far too light and distracted from the main figure. Ultimately I gave the blue light a neon effect, the colour is super saturated but the value isn’t actually too light. See my blog post here about how much I’m into neon lights right now.

swerve calgary serena malyon summer camp

I also had issues with colour, primarily due to the fact that I thought doing a digital colour comp for a watercolour painting would work out okay. I’m way more intuitive with colour when I work traditionally, so my digital comp was a bit lifeless. Still, when it came time to actually paint it, the colours worked much more naturally together and everything kind of worked out.

As for other news, I’m working on that bright sci-fi painting, which will hopefully be done next week. I’m also in the midst of planning a trip to Kansas for SFAL. When I signed up for Muddy Colors’ Rising Stars competition, I had no idea that I would actually have 1/4 of a large booth to display my work with the other winners! I’m still trying to get over how surreal this opportunity is…

Anyways, life is crazy right now, but in an awesome way. More work to be posted soon!


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