Golden Embers and SFAL

First thing’s first: here’s my latest illustration, Golden Embers.

serena malyon illustration art golden embers medieval castles tapestry

This woman is very prepared to destroy the world in her search for riches and power. I suppose in the middle ages there wasn’t much of an alternative…

This illustration was brought on by my sudden need to revamp my portfolio. Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, a sci-fi/fantasy art convention. I won Muddy Colors’ Rising Stars contest, so I got to exhibit in a booth with Britt Snyder, Lindsey Look and Rebecca Yanovskaya!

spectrum art live muddy colors rising stars 2014 serena malyon rebecca yanovskaya britt snyder lindsey look

Photo taken by my lovely boyfriend Nathan Swayze

The convention was amazing. My favourite events of the weekend were the lectures by the Drawn and Drafted team (Lauren Panepinto and Marc Scheff), where I learned how to market my artwork and talk to art directors. Drawn and Drafted are putting together art resources for illustrators, and they’re even coming out with a book. Its going to be absolutely invaluable to illustrators starting out, like myself, so please sign up for their website!

I was also lucky enough to receive a few portfolio reviews. I had some impromptu reviews from amazing ADs, and I scheduled one with storytelling masters Donato Giancola and Dave Palumbo. I got a lot of valuable feedback, but Donato and Dave helped the most to push me in a stylistic direction. So I’ve gotten rid of a few projects in my portfolio, and I’m working on creating 5 or more new pieces in the next couple of months.

serena malyon illustration art spectrum fantastic art live muddy colors rising stars

photo by the lovely Tara Larsen Chang

I want to say thank you to Spectrum and Muddy Colors for supporting us so much, and to the art community there who made us feel so welcome. It was an incredible experience to meet everyone there, and I hope to be back next year.


Other write ups about the convention by Carl V. AndersonAlicia VogelWylie Beckert.

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015


3 thoughts on “Golden Embers and SFAL

  1. Serena, this is an awesome piece. I couldn’t put my finger on what your art reminded me of when I was talking to you at SFAL, but now I think it puts me in the mind of some of the great Russian painters. I think it is a combination of the iconic poses and the rich textures. In any case, you’ve got a style all your own and I really love it!

    • Thanks very much Nathan, I admire many Russian painters and illustrators, so that’s probably where the influence comes from. More paintings to come in the next couple of weeks! Best wishes!

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