This piece focuses on the relationship between a ship’s navigator and his guide. The gull searches for his flock as a weary sailor looks on, the bird as his skybound companion. Together they fly among the stars, both hoping that the sky will lead them home.

serena malyon illustration art watercolour digital art seagull medieval ship lonesome wanderers

serena malyon illustration art lonesome wanderers  serena malyon illustration art lonesome wanderers  serena malyon illustration art lonesome wanderers

New zodiac illustration for FFWD coming later this week!

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015

Virgo / update

Hello! Long time no see! So sorry this blog hasn’t been updated in a little while, but I’ve got a couple of projects on the go that have been keeping me very busy. I do actually have a couple pieces to show today.

This piece is for FFWD’s new website, they asked me to do a few little illustrations for their online horoscope, and this one was published today!

ffwd magazine calgary horoscope virgo maiden zodiac astrology

The funny thing is, when I was approached to do these illustrations, I was already working on a piece with a similar astrological map aesthetic. Here’s the work-in progress-shot:

serena malyon work in progress watercolourI’ll be posting the full image on Monday! Lots of illustrations will be posted later this month.