FFWD horoscopes (Libra, Scorpio)

Breaking my longĀ silence to bring you a couple of really simple images I did for FFWD magazine’s online horoscope. I’ll be doing all of the astrological signs, so I’ll keep updating them as time goes on. serena malyon ffwd libra calgary ffwd serena malyon scorpio calgary

Like I said in a few previous posts, things have been busy, but I can’t really say anything at the moment, but I’m going to do a post full of my sketches soon. I’m also going to start my next personal project this weekend, so check back soon for updates about that.

On another note, Nathan Swayze and myself will be headed to massachusetts next summer for the Illustration Master Class! I’ve heard amazing things about this workshop from my friends in the fantasy illustration world, and it sounds like a great opportunity to make connectionsĀ and learn. I cant wait.