Portraits from IMC 2015

Since returning from IMC 2015, I’ve working on little thank you cards for some of the instructors at the workshop. I painted them for all of the faculty who I got to know, or who heavily influenced me that week. I also painted them for the guests who gave me portfolio reviews, all of which were extremely helpful. I feel terribly guilty for not including everyone in this, so I’m very sorry if you’re not one of the portraits. I certainly appreciated all of the faculty and guests who came in, and I look forward to seeing you all again.

Here’s how it works: for all of the instructors, I merged (bastardized) their styles with my own, which is why many of these won’t look like my usual work. The portfolio review guests got their portraits in my usual style.

*There are one or two of these that I had to copy directly from photographs, apologies to the original photographers. These are (obviously) not for sale and are just meant as personalized thank yous.

Rebecca Guay

Rebecca Guay


Allen Spiegel


Greg Manchess


Irene Gallo


Jon Schindehette

Greg Ruth

Greg Ruth


Scott Fischer – no starfish, extra starch


Donato Giancola – sorry about this one


Dan Dos Santos


Lauren Panepinto


Mike Mignola