A long overdue update!

A very long overdue update on my activity for the past 6 months. I had some big life changes 6 month ago, as I moved out of the big city and into a much smaller town, into a house that my boyfriend and I now own! Moving took forever and kept me from posting much of my work on here, so I’m terribly sorry that I’ve neglected this blog!

Before moving, I started work on an RFP for the Medicine Hat Airport, they were looking for artwork to decorate their newly renovated wing. My proposal didn’t win, but now the airport is getting a pretty cool metal sculpture of a horse from an established Albertan sculptor. Here’s what I put together:

serena malyon illustration public art proposal airport landscape map medicine hat

When I first came to Medicine Hat, it was the landscape that really wowed me, and I wanted to express the beauty of the city from the skies, creating a sense of wonder about the area. I really enjoyed fitting my art style to the needs of the airport, and I look forward to submitting to more RFPs in the future.


I have also been very busy in the past 3 months, which is really awesome. I did another 4 illustrations for Fantasy Flight Games’ Game of Thrones LCG, so stay tuned for when that comes out!

I have also just finished 20 black and white line illustrations for a middle-grade novel from Kids Can Press! I just have the cover to go now, and I get to start work on that early next week. I cant wait to show it, I really enjoyed the book and getting to flesh out the story with interior illustrations.

Finally, I have been working on a secret (I think) project with some other folks, and while I *really* enjoy the piece I created, I can’t show it for a *long* time. Its going to drive me nuts! I feel like I “levelled up” so to speak, in how sophisticated I can make my work.


Okay, back to the work I can share! So my latest personal project is a map, and its well underway. Ive always loved making maps (map of the black death, map of my interests), and painting landscapes (The Things I do for Love), so this project is long overdue. I also recently discovered that my new phone can take video for Instagram! This is great news as, if you follow me on Instagram, you will be barraged by my process videos. Here’s my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smalyon/

Here’s where its at right now, before I attack it with my digital trickery! Stay tuned for more updates about this thing (which may be sporatic depending on my professional workload).

map serena malyon illustration work in progress

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