Swerve Festival Guide 2016

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I cant show much of what I’ve been working on! But a couple of weeks ago Swerve magazine asked me to do their Festival Guide, and here’s what I came up with:





Children’s Festival



Folk Festival



Global Festival






“Hamlet” by Shakespeare By the Bow



Spot illustrations

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Last year I got the opportunity to work with Fantasy Flight Games on one of their projects: The Game of Thrones LCG! Its been a dream of mine to work on something for Game of Thrones, a goal that I didn’t think I would reach so soon. The card I was assigned was “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, a song that appears several times throughout A Song of Ice and Fire (see lyrics below). Fantasy Flight Games wanted something that looked like a tapestry, so this piece is a little more medieval-y than some of my other work. Lots of fun to work on, I learned a lot while studying medieval stylization. I’ll post a few more pictures when I receive the physical copy in the mail. Here is the product page on their website.


bear and the maiden fair game of thrones lcg fantasy flight games
Thanks to the lovely team at Fantasy Flight Games for the opportunity!


“A bear there was, a bear, a bear!
all black and brown, and covered with hair.
The bear! The bear!
Oh come they said, oh come to the fair!
The fair? Said he, but I’m a bear!
All black and brown, and covered with hair!
And down the road from here to there.
From here! To there!
Three boys, a goat and a dancing bear!
They danced and spun, all the way to the fair!
The fair! The fair!
Oh, sweet she was, and pure and fair!
The maid with honey in her hair!
Her hair! Her hair!
The maid with honey in her hair!
The bear smelled the scent on the summer air.
The bear! The bear!
All black and brown and covered with hair!
He smelled the scent on the summer air!
He sniffed and roared and smelled it there!
Honey on the summer air!
Oh, I’m a maid, and I’m pure and fair!
I’ll never dance with a hairy bear!
A bear! A bear!
I’ll never dance with a hairy bear!
The bear, the bear!
Lifted her high into the air!
The bear! The bear!
I called for a knight, but you’re a bear!
A bear, a bear!
All black and brown and covered with hair
She kicked and wailed, the maid so fair,
But he licked the honey from her hair.
Her hair! Her hair!
He licked the honey from her hair!
Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!
My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
And off they went, from here to there,
The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.”

The final zodiac illustrations

Hello everyone! As you know I’ve been doing some zodiac illustrations for FFWD Weekly. I’ve been uploading one zodiac a month for a while, but I just got news a couple of weeks ago that we had to rush the project and have it done by February! So these are fresh out of the oven, I hope you like them!

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac


serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

More projects to come soon! I’m working on some personal work that will hopefully double as children’s book illustration and advertising illustration. We’ll see how that goes, I’d like to round out my portfolio a bit.

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015

Mural for Calgary’s New Public Library site!

 A couple of months ago I found out about an interesting opportunity, a request for proposals for decorative construction hoarding. The New Central Library here in Calgary is being built, and its located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of the East Village. The job required an artist to come up with a design to cover 500′ of construction hoarding, which is quite a task. My concept is a timeline of the East Village, culminating in the New Central Library, showing it as the pinnacle of Calgary’s achievements so far. At first I approached this all wrong. I assumed I could do one long illustration, detailed and refined… but the timeframe for the final artwork made that impossible. I would have less than a week to complete the work and send it to get printed, and that simply would not be able to happen with something so ambitious. I struggled with simplifying. At one point I did a sample painting to see if I could, indeed, complete all of the illustrations by the deadline. It looked terrible. I did some tiny landscapes to try and work things out… and finally it clicked. The paintings I did were minuscule, 4cm x 10cm in size, but I scanned them at 2400 dpi, creating a super high res image fit to be printed wall-sized. The fascinating textures you get with watercolour often get lost in large paintings, but when I magnified my tiny illustrations the paint became the subject. Granulation, gradients and brushstrokes were given the spotlight, and the paintings had a freshness to them that I couldn’t achieve before. I only had about 10 days to put together the proposal, and it was a real challenge. Lucky for me, I have an amazing family that helped me at every opportunity. On September 2nd, I received the news that my proposal was the winner. I couldn’t fully believe it until I went in for a meeting and no one revealed a hidden camera. Main stretch of the mural:

Smaller side mural: 

After the proposal was approved, the deadline for the project was extended. The past few months have been occupied with painting, revisions and getting the prints made. I worked with the lovely folks at Run Digital here in Calgary to make the panels. I’ll save you the full Yelp review, but they were great to work with, very friendly and exceedingly helpful! About half of the mural is up now, though the second half will be going up in the spring/summer due to the construction timeline. Here’s the East Village’s blog post about it! serena malyon illustration art calgary public library cmlc east village project serena malyon illustration art calgary public library cmlc east village project I want to say a huge thank you to Mike Kerr, Ken Richardson, my family, and the CMLC.

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015



Hello lovely people, today I come to you with a new zodiac illustration for FFWD! I bring you: Sagittarius, my sign! Probably the best sign, as it could kick all of the other signs’ butts in combat; centaurs mean business.

serena malyon illustration star zodiac astrological sign sagittarius ffwd weekly calgary

Probably the best thing about this time of the year is my birthday on the 25th! This year I will be celebrating the big 24! My plans are to spend the day with family and eat lots of cake.

I’ve got a new work-in-progress post coming up for an illustration I’m doing based on the book The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. Should have that up by tomorrow or Thursday!

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015



FFWD horoscopes (Libra, Scorpio)

Breaking my long silence to bring you a couple of really simple images I did for FFWD magazine’s online horoscope. I’ll be doing all of the astrological signs, so I’ll keep updating them as time goes on. serena malyon ffwd libra calgary ffwd serena malyon scorpio calgary

Like I said in a few previous posts, things have been busy, but I can’t really say anything at the moment, but I’m going to do a post full of my sketches soon. I’m also going to start my next personal project this weekend, so check back soon for updates about that.

On another note, Nathan Swayze and myself will be headed to massachusetts next summer for the Illustration Master Class! I’ve heard amazing things about this workshop from my friends in the fantasy illustration world, and it sounds like a great opportunity to make connections and learn. I cant wait.