The completed map!

Hello everyone! I have completed my map of a fictional island. I had so much fun creating this, I really wanted to paint a place that I would like to explore. While working on it, I found it helpful to imagine the story of a character from the trading town of Cold Harbour who goes on a journey through these lands. It was a fantastic exercise in design and painting environments, and I would love to do more maps in the future.

First, some process videos:

You can see more process shots on my instagram, @smalyon

And here’s the final! Click for a higher res image:

serena malyon illustration map fantasy rpg

Thanks for checking out my work! Not sure what my next personal work will be, but I’m hoping to do more information design. Maybe something educational next time, we’ll see!

The Brewer

This piece is called “The Brewer”. This little lady is in charge of brewing potions and making sure they come out *just* right. Its a very exact science. Just one more portrait in this series and I’ll be moving on to my next project. Stay tuned!

serena malyon childrens book illustration witch potion

The Approaching Storm

Here’s the finished product from this work-in-progress post!

serena malyon illustration art calgary alberta fantasy woman watercolour

I’ll be writing a small life update post soon, but I also have a couple more black and white illustrations to upload in the next few days. I’ll talk to you soon!

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The final zodiac illustrations

Hello everyone! As you know I’ve been doing some zodiac illustrations for FFWD Weekly. I’ve been uploading one zodiac a month for a while, but I just got news a couple of weeks ago that we had to rush the project and have it done by February! So these are fresh out of the oven, I hope you like them!

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac


serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

serena malyon illustration ffwd fast forward calgary horoscope zodiac

More projects to come soon! I’m working on some personal work that will hopefully double as children’s book illustration and advertising illustration. We’ll see how that goes, I’d like to round out my portfolio a bit.

 Copyright Serena Malyon 2015

Out of Oxford

serena malyon illustration art the subtle knife by philip pullman

This is my tribute to the book “The Subtle Knife” by Philip Pullman. Its one of my favourite book series’ and I wanted to try my hand at painting the characters and scenes that I saw in my head. Lyra, Pantalaimon, Will and the tabby cat run between worlds, trying to find safety and answers to their many questions.

Here is the in-progress post:

Copyright Serena Malyon 2015

Button Hill!

Hello lovely people! I can *finally* talk about a project I worked on during the summer/fall! Orca Book Publishers is releasing Button Hill by Michael Bradford, and they asked me to do the cover for it! This is my second ever book cover commission and I had an amazing time working on it!

serena malyon illustration button hill by michael bradford orca book publishers

The book: Button Hill is a pretty awesome work of juvenile fiction. Its about a young boy and his sister who find a strange clock that sends them into another world, called Nightside. I had a great time reading the book, I found it very well paced and original.

serena malyon jacket illustration button hill michael bradford orca book publishers

The illustration: I loved working on this project, as it’s my first commission to really use the style that I use in most of my personal/self promotional work. I felt privileged that I was the first to visually design this world, and I loved squeezing little details from the book into the illustrations. Thank you Orca Books, art director Chantal Gabriell and Michael Bradford!

Button Hill comes out April 2015!

serena malyon illustration button hill michael bradford orca book publishers

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Hello lovely people, today I come to you with a new zodiac illustration for FFWD! I bring you: Sagittarius, my sign! Probably the best sign, as it could kick all of the other signs’ butts in combat; centaurs mean business.

serena malyon illustration star zodiac astrological sign sagittarius ffwd weekly calgary

Probably the best thing about this time of the year is my birthday on the 25th! This year I will be celebrating the big 24! My plans are to spend the day with family and eat lots of cake.

I’ve got a new work-in-progress post coming up for an illustration I’m doing based on the book The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. Should have that up by tomorrow or Thursday!

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