Theatre Posters – In-Progress

Here are some theatre posters I’ve been working on for Downstage Theatre. These are just colour roughs, so they’ll go through a few compositional changes before they’re done. My darling Danielle Bazinet did their posters last season, you should take a look. I can’t say what plays these are for, I’ll just let the illustrations do the talking for now.

 serena malyon illustration rough

serena malyon illustration rough

Mog Stretching (?)

mog the cat illustration serena malyon art watercolour

One of the most delightful felines I’ve encountered, the lovely Mog. While I was in Dublin I had the pleasure of taking care of this tiny kitty for a couple of days, and she was very friendly and playful. She seems to like stretching her leg when she’s happy, so I drew her delightful pose. Terrible photograph, but I left the original with her awesome owners.

Black Death

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague skull

serena malyon illustration art black death map medieval

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague symptoms bubo gangrene

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague bloodletting chicken plague doctor death cart laborer flagellant brethren

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague map 100 years war

Here’s a link to the pdf, which is easier to read: Black Death Illustrated Guide. This assignment was a fun one, we simply had to research a topic and create informational illustrations about it. Because I have always found medieval life and the Black Death fascinating, I decided to created an educational guide to the Black Death. While the illustration style departs slightly from my usual stylization, I think that it’s still recognizably mine. It was a lot of fun to reference medieval woodcuts and illuminated manuscripts, and I think I’ll probably use some of the reference in the future as well.

ps. while I did do my research, I wouldn’t exactly use this booklet as reference for an essay.

The Rocky Horror Show Poster

serena malyon illustration design art

Here’s the final poster design for the Rocky Horror Show. This was a fun school project, as we were given the choice of what performance to promote in a poster. I went with what I knew: Rocky Horror. I tried to give the poster a different feel to the Rocky Horror posters that I’m used to, a bit more of an updated look and feel for today’s audience.