Lighting experiment

serena malyon

Still figuring out what combinations of media I like, and I think I’ve found one that suits my drawing style. I have to work at it a lot still, but its a fun, versatile technique and I like it. Here I wanted to try hard lighting, making the hair glow a little. I like the way it turned out, though it took a while. I’m thinking of getting some more highly pigmented watercolours, because the yellow I’ve been using has really grown on me. I might not upload a lot of new artwork in the coming weeks, because I’m working on a big project at the moment that’s still in its early stages.

Sea Witch

Serena malyon

Just playing around with washes, colours and techniques on this one. I just recently bought some new watercolours and I love how pigmented they are, I’ve been using them nonstop. So be prepared to see a lot more paintings with this sort of colour scheme.

serena malyon

More media exploration. Playing with graphite and watercolour. Unfortunately the wax of the graphite shines through the watercolour, making the end result grey and metallic. I do like the way it scanned though, I’m a fan of the overcast atmosphere created by the pencil. Still working on finding a happy medium between the pigmentation of coloured pencil and the way the graphite interacts with the water.