Canadian Indigenous Shorts event poster

serena malyon illustration art canadian indigenous shorts Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers film festival poster imaginative

This illustration is for a poster for the CSIF’s Canadian Indigenous Shorts event. They’re showing some great independent films, check it out on October 19th at the CSIF.

The Creator

serena malyon illustration art creator god bible model building miniature religion old man watercolour editorial childrens book village cityscape city

So here’s the finished version of this. It’s taken me a few weeks to complete due to other projects I’m working on simultaneously and the detailed nature of the painting. It was pretty interesting to work on, as I don’t often do perspective-heavy works. Anyways, read into it what you will, I’m just glad its finished!



The Things I Do For Love / Bran's Dream print

Just got back from the print shop! “The Things I Do For Love” looks pretty cool when its printed out, full size in all its glory (15″x27″!). If you want a print, just send an email my way.